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Muscle Cars The Rise, The Fall, And The Revival
The feeling of adrenalin that enthralls everyone who steps into a muscle car is an incomparable experience. This can only be felt the first time you step on the gas and a car speeds up to unbelievable speeds. The feeling is even more incomparable when the engine that roars is a V8 engine in a muscle car. Muscle cars are known to be powerful because of their engines, but are usually sold at very affordable prices at local auto companies. These cars have gained notoriety for its use in drag racing.

The elusive Oldsmobile is the first car maker which is rumored to have created one of the first muscle cars. The Oldsmobile was one of the first American cars to carry a V8 engine in a light body, making it perfect for racing. And since it was the first, there was no other car that could compare with the V8 engine of an Oldsmobile Rocket 88, save for the Hudson Hornet which was the only car to become at par with the Rocket 88. Eventually, other car manufacturers such as Chrysler, Rambler and Ford all quickly followed suit.

This brought a rise to the different muscle car models. General Motors had Oldsmobile, Chevrolet, Pontiac in their roster. This small roster from the GM lineup created many other competitors. The Pontiac GTO became even bigger than the Dodge Polara 500 and the Plymouth Sport Fury. American Motors released the Rambler Marlin as an answer to the Plymouth Barracuda and The Ford Mustang. The Chrysler C-300 is one of the most revered autos of the era of muscle cars. In drag racing, it was Mopar, who carried Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler, battled with Ford. The only thing that factored in the steady decline in the market of muscle cars was the low fuel efficiency that each muscle car had because of the ultra powerful V8 engines in those autos.

However, this fascination with muscle cars did not stay in America alone. Australia also had their own traditional inkling for muscle cars. Three main manufacturers battled it out: Ford Australia, Holden, and Chrysler Australia. South Africa and the United Kingdom also got their fair share of muscle cars.

Today, muscle cars are slowly being brought back from the junkyard. Whether it was inspired by racing movies or not, car manufacturers are even making newer models of old names, such as the Chevrolet Impala, the Dodge Charger, the mercury Marauder, among many others. It just goes to show that classic muscle cars will never be out of style.

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