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The Most Reliable Cars on the Road
Today, cars dominate the roads in almost every city in the world. Top car makers have successfully designed and engineered the automobile to make it safer, more reliable, and efficient in energy consumption. But there are still brands that are better than others, and for this reason, choosing the right vehicle to invest in is a v break down is a good basis when choosing your four wheels. The Japanese have done very well as two of the biggest names in the auto industry are Honda and Toyota. Honda cars specifically the Civic, is considered to be the one of the most durable automobiles around. Car owners and car mechanics alike attest to this fact. The Civic can run for a decade without any major repair, and if there are any, parts are cheap and very easily sourced. Other Honda models like City, Accord, and Odyssey are equally reliable as well. reliable cars Toyota also comes into play as the Corolla and Camry are contending with Civic as the least troublesome autos. The parts for these models are also cheap and readily available, that is why Corollas and Camrys won't disappear on the streets anytime soon. With the exception of the Prius, which underwent several recalls in 2009 and 2010, Toyota is certainly a go-to brand when it comes to cars. Americans are not very far behind with the Ford Fusion. However, the same could not be said of other American cars. In terms of reliability, the Fusion is the closest thing to a Civic. Other models by Ford are still alright, like its line of big vans and pick-ups which are really made for off-road driving. In the city, these cars will rarely bog down, unless done deliberately. Other cars that are nearly as reliable are the Fiat, Puegeot, and Alfa. These cars won't breakdown easily, but prices are high when it comes to parts replacement and repair. You would have to pay an arm and a leg just to have these cars fixed. Cars that should be avoided are those that have few or no dealers in your city. Chances are, these cars may be super chic and classy, but once they break down, you'd want to sell it for potatoes because of lack of parts. Remember that owning a car is an investment you would want to relish for the next ten years. Choose a car that is reliable, safe, and reasonably affordable because  these are usually the types that would last years on the road.

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